Get your own taste of haggis at the gathering!

If you know anything about Scottish food, you've probably heard of the Haggis... but you may not know what it is. So let's be clear - in spite of many cartoons and caricatures, a haggis isn't a 'creature' but a food dish! In fact it may the most well-known and famous item on the list of traditional Scottish foods.

The haggis is made from a sort of sausage-meat made from the offal (or innards - lungs, heart, liver etc.) of a sheep. These are boiled, then minced and mixed with onion, lightly toasted oatmeal, suet, stock and salt and pepper. It's all mixed together and put inside a sheeps stomach which is sewn closed and then the whole thing is boiled for several hours. (though now often in an artificial casing instead).

Now, I admit this may not sound all that appealing but it's tasty and worth a try if you dare!

But if you’re not too sure about sampling the timorous wee beastie then rest assured there will be plenty of less adventurous fare too. If it’s a hot cup of coffee, fresh juice or a sweet cake you’re looking for, you will find them all at the Canberra Highland Gathering 7th October 2017.


Food Stalls

  • Bentspoke Brewing
  • Woodfired Pizza
  • Vietnam Veterans BBQ
  • Here’s the Coffee
  • Kilted Van
  • LePetit Breton Crepes
  • GRILL – AX
  • Krave Juice Bar
  • Soul Cartel
  • Cannoli Brothers
  • Italian Traveller
  • Scott’s Ice Cream and Hot Potato Van
  • Cracking Corn
  • Anthoula’s Delights/Weetangera Bakery
  • Ice Cream Van
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