Are you a Campell, Cameron or Colquhoun?

Does your family count a MacArthur, MacLennan or MacRae in the ancestry?

Then you will want to be coming along to the Canberra Highland Gathering on the 7th October to meet the rest of your clan. Or you may just want to come and work out what clan your ancestry links you to. 17 Scottish clans will be represented at the Canberra Gathering are your ancestors listed?

Ancient...  enigmatic.... colourful.... complex.... all of these words describe the Clans of Scotland which are part of the country's compelling historical journey.  The intriguing Scottish clan system plays a big role in Scottish culture and tradition and has its roots in the ancient Celtic tribal system. Today, Scots around the world are still committed to their clan heritage and fiercely proud of it too. In fact with today's growing interest in genealogy, heritage and history, you could say that clans are seeing a 'revival' of their own.

  • Clan Campbell

  • Clan Scott Australia Group

  • Clan MacRae Society of Australia and New Zealand

  • Clan Farquharson Association Australia (NSW Branch)

  • Clan Hope

  • Clan MacPherson Association

  • Clan Gregor

  • MacArthur Society in Australia

  • Clan MacNeill Association of Australia

  • Clan Sutherland

  • Clan Davidson

  • Scottish Australian Heritage Council

  • Clan Lindsay Societey of Australia

  • Clan MacNicol

  • Clan Buchanan

  • Clan Donald

  • Clan Douglas

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